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Study Visits

A total of 10 study visits were made throughout the duration of the NAOS project. One or two visiting partners were present in each visit, in addition to the Netherlands as the coordinator of the project. Each host country had to choose two schools which were thought to exemplify good examples of addressing diversity through enhancing professional capacity of their teachers, headmasters and trainers. The schools were to arrange for us to conduct interviews with their principals and teachers, and where possible also parents and students. These interviews were structured on basis of the five aforementioned themes. Thus, prior to each visit one or two of the themes had already been decided to be the primary focus of the visit, allowing each study visit report to emphasize on a particular topic. This was a relevant way to approach the visits, as each country- and sometimes each city- is faced with divergent issues. We are of course interested not only in the similar approaches that educational institutions employ to address diversity, but in the differences too, and one of the primary objectives of NAOS is the inter-transfer of expertise & knowledge.



The study visit dates document can be accessed here: Study visits dates