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NAOS End Conference

Dear educational colleagues,

 Our Erasmus+ project NAOS has come to an end. The end-conference was held at the Erasmus University Rotterdam on Wednesday 21st of June 2017 from 9.30 till 17 hours. It was a fun, productive and inspiring event and we would like to thank all the participants for making the conference a great success!

A very brief overview of our findings and suggestions toward the future: 

General observations:

-European educational systems demonstrate a clear commitment to diversity, which has come to be viewed not as a problem, but as an asset 

-Although in some cases diversity may not be the heading, emphasis is placed on educational quality, personalized learning and resilience       

-More can and should be done in the area of encouraging teachers to encourage community involvement and parent participation

Observations on Professional Development:

-About half of the schools we visited: there may not be sufficient resources for teachers to attend professionalization programs on a frequent basis, yet committed teachers are learning by doing, and are often very happy to put in the extra hours. 

-The other half of the schools have established stand-alone courses, elaborate integral programs, peer-learning strategies, collaboration with universities  

-Curriculum reforms in teacher training are essential and necessary.


You may hereby access the wrap-up presentation  of the conference here:

ppt NAOS_END_conference

Next to our presentation, we had a guest presentation by Regine Hartung from the Department of Intercultural Education,
Institute for Teacher Training and School Development Hamburg on the topic “Diversity is our Strength!” a Qualification of Intercultural
Coordinators for Schools in Hamburg.

Her pdf presention can be downloaded here: PP_IKO_Rotterdam_2017_050717