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Casestudy Latvia

Liene Jurgelāne graduated from the Latvian Academy of Culture in 2005 and went on to work in Ocho Museum in Namibia in 2006. On return to Riga, Latvia she took part in several arts and culture projects, e.g. organised an exhibition about urban myths. Liene joined the Mission Possible programme (the Latvian member organisation of Teach for All http://teachforall.org/en) in 2008 and in that capacity taught for two years in Teika Secondary School.

Liene Jurgelāne uses a vast repertory of music and films, and some visual art (not only from popular culture, also art films) to treat topics related to the themes of social justice, cultural awareness and globalisation. Cultural awareness was the main goal of Liene’s teaching, but the themes of social justice, relationship between humanity and the environment, and globalisation were also covered. Most of these materials (but not all) were linked to popular music trends and subcultures of the Twentieth century.

The way she teaches can be found here: NAOS case Latvia