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Casestudy United Kingdom

Schools in the UK are operating under a resource-scarce system which, arguably, in political and policy terms is outcomes and achievement driven. For schools in diverse settings, particularly in areas on the edges of socio-economic poverty, this is a challenge. Whilst schools have some obligation to deliver “Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE)” against this backdrop, it is left to individual schools to choose how to do this. In this case study school maintained a strong commitment to delivering those aspects of personal, social, health, and citizenship through an ethos or vision embedded from the Senior Leadership
downwards. The vision began with the Head Teacher, permeated through the Senior Leadership Team and was further incorporated into governance and policy. In essence, both staff members interviewed for this project considered some form of PSHCE as a vital part of helping pupils from a range of backgrounds to operate in a diverse world of the future. The role of school therefore, was to prepare the children for that adulthood:

NAOS – Final report from the UK